Professional  Career & Public Speaking

Judicial Conference at Northeastern University London 2 Nov 2022

Public Speaking & Conference Papers

Media Law

November 2023  ‘Who’s slapping whom? Strategic lawsuits against public participation.’ Keynote speech at the new Harvard Theatre, Leeds Law School, 14 November 2023:

October 2021   ‘Upholding digital rights and media plurality. Does self-regulation by social media platforms contravene freedom of expression?’, keynote speech given at the LETS Lab Digital Lounge series, Greenwich University Law School:

November 2022  ‘Diversity and the Judiciary’. Judicial Conference Northeastern University London, Ministry of Justice recruitment drive for magistrates in the community.

April 2020        ‘Regulating online harm’. Conference paper, British and Irish Law Education Technology Association (BILETA) Tilburg University, The Netherlands (online conference during Covid 19 lockdown).

Prison Policy and Criminal Justice Research 

Dec 2020         Presentation to the National Prison Administration of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Justice of Moldova: Report and findings of the study into ‘Economic Activities in Correctional Industries of the Republic of Moldova’ with recommendations for legislation to enable the founding of correctional industries and for prisoners to work contractually for third party outside contractors whilst serving a prison sentence.

June 2007  ‚Sozialisierung und Rehabilitation im Vollzug: Sind Gefängnisse die Achillessehne unserer Gesellschaft?’ (‘Resocialization and rehabilitation: are prisons the Achilles heal of our society?’). International Penal Reform Congress, Berlin, Reichstag, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

April 2006 ‘What works in correctional industries: meaningful work for prisoners.’ International Human Rights Congress, Riga, Latvia.

August 2005 ‘Honour Killings: impact on EU countries’. European Union of Women Annual Congress, Bern, Switzerland.

December 2004 ‘What does ‚end to end’ offender management mean?’BSC Annual Conference,       Birmingham.

March 2003 ‘What works in prison programs?- European perspectives in prison industrial and educational programs.’ ACA Annual Congress, Denver, Colorado, USA.

September 2002 ‘European and international developments of crime and punishment’. European Society of Criminology (ESC), Toledo, Spain.

February 2002 ‘European aspects of prison labour and education’, Correctional Services of New South Wales Conference, Sydney, Australia.

December 2001 ‘Public Attitudes to Punishment in Germany’. International Symposium, Southwark Cathedral Conference.

February 2001 ‘Prison Labour: constructive regimes in prisons.’ The Howard League for Penal Reform, London.

November 2000 ‘Serious and violent offenders: comparing therapeutic community prisons in Europe’.  ASC Annual Congress, San Francisco.

June 2000 ‚Vollzugsprivatisierung in England, den USA und Deutschland (‘Prison privatisation in England, the USA and Germany.’) World Exhibition, Hanover, Germany.

November 1999 ‘Restorative Justice: current European trends in victim-offender mediation.’ American Society of Criminology(ASC) Annual Congress, Toronto, Canada.

October 1998 ‘Privatisation Explosion: Prison Industries in Europe.’ ACA and Correctional Industries Association (CIA), Joint Annual Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio.

April 1998 ‘Prison Industries: research findings from a study into prison labour in ten European countries.’ European Prison Industries Forum, Stockholm, Sweden.

January 1998 ‘Key developments in European Prison Industries’. American Correctional Association, Congress (ACA), San Antonio Texas. USA.

July 1997 ‘Prisons for profits? The state of prison industries in England.’ Joint presentation with Dr. Jon Vagg, British Society of Criminology (BSC) Annual Conference, Queens College, Belfast

Memberships and Associations

Member of the editorial board European Journal of Intellectual Property Law (EIPL)

Member of the editorial board International Journal of Law and Information Technology

Member of the editorial board (‘Foreign Correspondent’) ‚Zeitschrift für Strafvollzug und Straffälligenhilfe’. German penological prisons and probation journal

European Society of International Law (ESIL)

Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)

Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS)

Fellowship Higher Education Academy (FHEA) (2001)

British Society of Criminology - Honorary Member British Society of Criminology U Smartt 

Magistrates’ Association (2003 - 2020)

Executive Committee Surrey Magistrates’ Association (SMA) (2011 - 2013)

German National Advisory Board for Socialwork in Prisons: „Beiratsausschuss der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Soziale Arbeit im Justizvollzug“ (BAG) (2007 - 2009)

Chairman of the Judicial Commission, European Women’s Association (EWA /NGO). Remit: human trafficking; honour killings; domestic violence (1998 - 2005)


2016 (ongoing)  Sentencing Council, Adviser on Pilot Schemes for new sentencing guidelines    (e.g. stalking; knife crime).

2010 - 2020    Magistrate and Presiding Justice (Youth and Adult Court), Surrey and Sussex Bench. Licensing Appeals; Crown Court appeals. Magistrates’ Appraiser. Mentor to new magistrates. Now on the magistrates’ reserve register as JP (notary functions).

2012                   ‘Gamesmaker’ London Olympics 2012.  Volunteer manager of the mixed (media) zone, interpreter and team leader. Disciplines: fencing; boxing; karate; table tennis; weightlifting .Excel Centre, London Docklands 

2003 - 2009     Magistrate and Presiding Justice (Adult and Youth Court), West London Bench

2005 - 2007    Licensing, Betting and Gaming Panels, West London.