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His Honour Jeff Blackett Keynote Speech Book Launch Media & Entertainment Law 5ed 8.12.22

Conference speeches and book launches

‘Who’s slapping whom? Strategic lawsuits against public participation.’ Keynote speech, Harvard Theatre, Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University, 14 November 2023:

Ursula Smartt (2023) Media and Entertainment Law 5th ed. Foreword by Adrianne Page KC: Adrienne Page KC  Routledge. ISBN: 9871032168715 (paperback). ISBN: 9871032168746 (hardback)  Media & Entertainment Law 5ed 

____ (2023) ‘Upholding digital rights and media plurality: does self-regulation by social media platforms contravene freedom of expression?’ in: The Palgrave Handbook of Media Misinformation. Eds: Julian McDougall and Karen Fowler-Watt. Palgrave - Macmillan. ISBN: 978-3-031-11976-7 Upholding digital rights & media plurality U Smartt  

_____ (2021) Media Law for Journalists 2n ed. Routledge. ISBN: 9780367421779 (paperback); ISBN: 9780367548476 (hardback): Media Law for Journalists 2ed  

_____ (2020) Media and Entertainment Law 4th ed. Routledge. Foreword by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC. ISBN: 9781138479135 (paperback) ISBN: 9781138479128 (hardback)

____ (2018) Paparazzi in: The Sage Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy. Three Volume Set. Edited by: Bruce A. Arrigo. Charlotte, NC, USA, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC, USA. ISBN: 9781483359946 Online ISBN: 9781483359922 Paparazzi - Sage Encyclopedia U Smartt 

______ (2017) Media and Entertainment Law 3rd ed. Routledge. Foreword by Sir Keir Starmer QC. ISBN: 9781138961883 (paperback); ISBN: 9781138961876 (hardback) Media &  Entertainment Law 3ed 

______ (2017) Optimize Public Law 2nd ed. Routledge. ISBN: 9781138670846 Optimize Public Law 2ed 

______ (2014) Media and Entertainment Law 2nd ed. Routledge. Foreword by Barrister Michael Mansfield QC. ISBN- 978-0-415-66269-7 (paperback); ISBN 978-0-415-66270-3 (hardback). 

______ (2014) Optimize Public Law. Routledge. ISBN-13: 9780415844925 (paperback) ISBN: 0415844924 (hardback).

______ (2011) Media Law Statutes. Pearson/ Longman (Surrey). ISBN: 9781849596923.

______ (2011) Media and Entertainment Law. Routledge. Foreword by Joshua Rozenberg KC (hon) Joshua Rozenberg ISBN-10: 041557756 (paperback); ISBN-13: 9780415577564 (hardback).

Booklaunch Media and Entertainment Law 5ed 2022

Keynote address by His Honour Jeff Blackett, Former Judge Advocate General of Courts Martial until 2021 and President of the RFU His Honour Jeff Blackett at Northeastern University London St Katharine Dock 8 December 2022 Jeff Blackett HH Booklaunch Speech 

Book Launch 8 December 2022 at Northeastern University London with some 70 invited guests.

Book launch: His Honour Jeff Blackett meets law faculty staff and students at Devon House St Katharine Dock, NU London. 

Book launch: Back left former BBC Online Editor in Chief, Mike Smartt OBE, Mike Peacey Lecturer in Economics at Bristol University, Harry Caputo (pink shirt), third year law student, law student Gus Statman. 

From left: Dr Balgiisa Ahmed, BBC Newsreader Michael Buerk, HH Jeff Blackett. 

Booklaunch Media and Entertainment Law 4ed 2019

Keynote address by Baroness Helena Kennedy of the Shaws KC 13 December 2019 at New College of the Humanities London, 13 December 2021

Baroness Helena Kennedy KC launches Ursula Smartt's Media and Entertainment Law 4ed 

'Fake News & Social Media by UK's leading voice for media and entertainment law' Northeastern Global News Boston: Northeastern Global News Boston  

Booklaunch of Media and Entertainment Law 3ed 2017

Keynote address by Sir Keir Starmer KC MP at New College of the Humanities London, March 2017

Book Launch Media and Entertainment Law 3ed March 2017 

Keynote speech by Sir Keir Starmer KC Sir Keir Starmer KC 

Professor Adrian Zuckerman Oxford University opens the booklaunch of Ursula Smartt's 3rd ed of Media and Entertainment Law at New College of the Humanities, Bedford Square London, March 2017

Booklaunch of Media and Entertainment Law 2nd 2014

Keynote address by Michael Mansfield KC, London, March 2017  Michael Mansfield KC 

Booklaunch of Media and Entertainment Law (First Edition) 2011

Keynote address by Media Lawyer Mark Stephens CBE Frontlind Club London, 6 May 2011.  Mark Stephens (Howard Kennedy LLP) 

Prominent media lawyer, Mark Stephens CBE, launched the first edition of Media and Entertainment Law by Ursula Smartt at the journalists' Front Line Club in London in May 2011. Summary of Mark Stephen's speech: 

"Media and Entertainment Law presents a contemporary analysis of the law relating to the media and entertainment industry both in terms of its practical application and its theoretical framework. Looking at key aspects such as TV and radio broadcasting, the print press, the music industry, online news and entertainment and social networking sites, this textbook provides students with detailed coverage of the key principles, cases and legislation as well as a critical analysis of regulatory bodies such as the Press Complaints Commission and OFCOM. Drawing on principles from public law, tort, contract law and human rights, Media and Entertainment Law explores all the central themes of the subject including privacy and confidentiality, contempt of court, defamation and intellectual property, as well as helping students to gain an awareness of ethical issues surrounding journalistic practice. With integrated coverage of Scots and Northern Irish law, Media and Entertainment Law also highlights comparisons with similar overseas jurisdictions (such as US and European law) in order to help students demonstrate an awareness of media laws which may influence UK legislation. A companion website accompanies the book, offering a Flashcard Glossary of all the key terms in media and entertainment law, a list of links to useful websites and annual updates to the text."